This year ConDor will start an ongoing fandom project "The Mad Scientists Hall of Fame"   Each year, nominations will be accepted and a vote taken and five fictional and one real mad scientist will be added to the hall.

This year, given our theme of "Tripping the Past Fantastic:  Steampunk, Retro Future and Early Fantastic Fiction", nominations will be limited to Victorian and some pre-Victorian mad scientists.  The individuals must have lived and worked in the Victorian Age or earlier.  (Hey, it's a big field, we have to limit ourselves a little to start.)

Below are this year's nominees with some description as to why they might belong as members of this soon-to-be-august body.  Further nominations, and votes, may be sent to the programming office via our web site or directly to . (Sorry, new location.  I'm still working out how to set up html links)

Any (reasonable) number of nominations may be made.  Each individual may vote for up to five fictitious and one real scientist for this year's induction at ConDor.